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Hey there!

I’m Brooke,

a lover of natural products. sustainable living. the mountains. traveling. and creating spaces that thrive!

As someone whose family has been in northern Ulster County for many generations, I naturally have a deep connection & appreciation of the Catskill Mountains, Ulster County, and the Mid-Hudson Valley rarea. Our region is rich in resources, history and culture which all contribute to the areas unique energy. I believe a localized approach is important to maintain the natural harmony and abundance of our community.

I truly love enhancing spaces in anyway possible. Harmonizing the area around us is what I believe to be one of the best ways to uplift our lives, an act of self-care. That’s why I want to help you create more a beautiful, functional space to thrive in!

Back Where it all Began

From a young age, making a space look nice, function well, and feel good is something I naturally enjoy doing. Rearranging furniture, organizing, and decorating became something I could not only help my family with, but now as a passion I care to share.

After years of caretaking homes in the area, I began dabbling into the art of Feng Shui & organizing. Enrolling into the International Feng Shui School, I’ve become a Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Currently enrolled in a Geomancy course through the IFSS.

If you feel like Thriving Spaces is a good fit for you, click below to get in touch!