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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Space

It’s a proven fact now that everything is made up of energy. Therefore it’s important to have what surrounds us, support us.

Feng Shui is about creating supportive & balanced environments using ancient techniques & the five elements of nature. Its been used for more than 3,000 years to set up the lay out of farms. After successful harvests, it then started to be used in and outside of the home.           

By examining the floor plan & directions, naturally occurring energies, and the meaning of items around your space; I develop solutions with a realistic approach.

A combination of ancient & modern modalities are used, including Classical, Flying Stars, Form, Intentional & Intuitive to create a more balanced & supportive space.

Feng Shui is used for:

Feng Shui can help with the following:

In-Person Consultation

with a Personalized Detailed Report
that includes:

What to Expect:

You’ll receive a questionnaire that’ll then give me a better understanding of your needs & expectations.
After looking over the information given, I can get started prepping for the onsite consultation.
At the time of the onsite consultation, a survey of the land & building is done to evaluate its form, exact directions, & surroundings.
This is followed by a walk through to develop a thorough understanding of your space, noting details in all areas.
Afterwards, using all of the information gathered, a detailed report is compiled offering realistic improvements and tips you can always look back on for reference.
Late on, I like to touch base on what’s been implemented, what changes have been noticed so far, and get any further questions answered.

There are some energies that change yearly, so updates & home visits are available to make sure you’re still on the right track towards success.

For Home, Business, & Land

Home or Business

A full Feng Shui consultation with plenty of information, resources, & ideas to help create a more harmonious & thriving life!


Just like you’re indoor space, your outdoor space is a reflection of your life too.

Full Feng Shui Consultation on landscaping & property decorating to help support all areas of your life.

Tips & suggestions on types of Colors, Plants, Items, & Placement for everything on your property!

Whole Package

Everything that a Home & Landscaping Feng Shui consultation consists of.

Other Services


An onsite tour of homes or land you’re looking to buy to determine the most supportive option.


Tips & techniques to prep your space for the market to sell fast & for the best price.

New Construction

How Feng Shui first started – looking at the land and how it sits, its surroundings, and directions. Taking all aspects in a account to find a sites optimal building position.
If you’re thinking of building a home, it’s a good time to make sure your floor plan works well for you too.

From making sure your rooms are in beneficial locations to looking at the lay of land to make sure it’s being built in the most auspicious location for you, it’s simple things like this that can make a huge difference in your life!

The 5 Elements


Types of Feng Shui applied


The first conceived practice of Feng Shui which observes the lay of the land & its surroundings to find how it can support you and your space best for optimal success in money & relationships.


The 4,000+ year old scientific side of Feng Shui which examines how to balance the unique energies naturally present in your space (Flying Stars) based on time, space, & direction.

Flying Star

Calculations based on which direction the building sits & faces. These calculations build your spaces’ energy chart which change yearly.
Pretty much, your spaces unique horoscope!


Observes what some of the items around your space energetically represent and what the space & decor means to you. This helps tune in even deeper to what you and your space may really need.


Works with the compass & bagua to divide up your floorplan into the 8 major directions (NE, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E) which each have a life aspiration associated with it (wealth, health, family, love, career, fame, creativity, knowledge) and from there we’ll be able to tell what type of intentional enhancements can be implemented in each area.

Certified Practitioner
Healthier Materials & Sustainable Building